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Frequently Asked Questions

1) My yard is very small; can I still have a Pony Party?

Our ponies are used to giving rides in all sorts of locations. Small yards are no problem. We can use a driveway or quiet street, or other spot in your yard, even if it is small. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation; I am sure we can make it work!

2) Is one pony enough?

How many ponies you need depends on how many guests you have attending your party and how often you want them to ride. A general rule of thumb is that 1 pony can comfortably handle 15 guests in one hour, each riding a minimum of 2 times. Please contact us to discuss your function and together we can figure out what you need to best entertain your guests.

3) Do you have insurance?

Ponies To Go carries full liability insurance, proof of which can be provided. Our safety record is unblemished and we take pride in our attention to detail which is key to this fact.

4) What if we have older children or adults who want to ride?

We have a variety of ponies & horses in our stable, some of which are quite large! We are frequently asked to bring a small pony and another larger horse to accommodate all guests. As a matter of fact, many times the little kids like to ride the "big" horse- it is quite funny to see!

5) Is there a mess?

Ponies To Go will make sure any mess will be cleaned up prior to our departure. We leave the grounds exactly as we found them (although some people insist we leave the "presents" for their garden - but that's your choice!)

6) How much does it cost?

Cost varies, depending on where you are located, how many ponies you want and how long we will be at your function. Please contact us to discuss pricing. I have found that in comparison with other types of entertainment, pony parties are a good value and a unique way to entertain your guests.

7) What does the price include?

When you book a pony for your function, we agree on the time that the animal will be available to your guests...Based upon that, we arrive early to prepare the area that the pony will be giving rides, get the pony tacked up and ready, and introduce him to the area where he will be working. We provide adult handlers to ensure safety protocol is followed, while ensuring your guests have a great riding experience. We give rides by handwalking the animal on your property, as opposed to some that attach the animal to a carousel that goes around in a small circle... while the ride takes place, we answer questions that the rider may have...about the pony, or caring for them...making this an educational experience as well. Each guest receives a souvenir to take home with them. We will provide rides to your guests until the allotted time is up We always make sure everyone gets the same amount of rides to ensure everyone goes home happy. After the rides we give the guests the opportunity to give the pony treats, watch him get ready to go home and answer questions they may have. We will clean up any mess prior to our departure.

8) What if it rains?

We always call you the night before your event to touch base and confirm details. If there is a possibility that weather may be a factor we discuss options, which may include, rescheduling, delaying the ponies arrival (if rain for instance is due early afternoon, we may have the pony arrive earlier). Ponies To Go, LLC does not overbook their day... so we can be flexible, understanding that having a yard filled with disappointed guests can be a problem! We stay in contact with you by cell phone on the day of your party to make any changes necessary to the schedule. If inclement weather prevents Ponies To Go from coming with our ponies, your deposit will be refunded.

9) How far do you travel?

In general, we cover all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Please call us to discuss your event. There are times when we are available to travel outside our normal areas.

10) Why should I book a party with Ponies To Go, LLC?

Ponies To Go, LLC is a family-owned and operated company. We have been in business for over 15 years for a good reason. We offer exceptional quality animals, both in temperament and appearance. They enjoy a high quality standard of living, spending much of their time out in the pasture with their buddies. When they do work, they are enthusiastic and extremely sociable. They really love interacting with people and it shows! My staff and I really love what we do and are eager to share our love of horses with you and your guests! We are reliable, courteous and will provide your event with an experience that will be talked about for a long time!